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Quench My Thirst Hydrating Serum -

Quench My Thirst Hydrating Serum -

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Quench My Thirst organic serum is the first product that started it all! Skin balancing, tightening, toning, anti-aging, anti wrinkle, skin clearing....Do I believe in skin miracles? Yes! And this is it! Carefully formulated for every skin type, targeting the top skincare concerns - Acne prone skin, sensitive and inflamed skin, aging skin, large pores and dull skin. Rich in organic, plant based and nourishing oils, this daily drink for your skin will be sure to quench any thirst you may have, leaving you beautiful, glowing and radiant. Whether you need tightening, lifting, plumping, line minimizing, ph balancing, skin clearing, toning and smoothing, daily use of these products will accomplish more than 20 bottles of today’s most popular products. With a clean, floral scent, just a few drops will uplift you and carry you through your day. Upon initial use, there may be some redness. Do Not Fear! This means your skin is doing what it is supposed to do with cell regeneration and collagen production! Quench My Thirst is created to enhance and promote our skin's natural ability to regenerate, resurface and restore, resulting in beautiful, fresh, radiant skin.

Directions - Use morning and night, after cleansing with Quench My Thirst Micellar water. When paired with Quench My Thirst deep wrinkle cream, you will see optimal results. Works exceptionally well under makeup. 


Texture: lightweight, quickly absorbed, hydrating
Aroma: Floral/Clean/Fresh
Key Ingredients: Pure organic vitamin E cream, Organic Rose, Organic Rosehip, Organic Rosewater
Non-comedogenic and Non-acnegenic

Quench My Thirst skincare is created in fresh, small batches and shipped out immediately upon ordering. Each ingredient has been carefully selected and precisely measured for maximum results. Thank you for choosing to be a part of this new venture in beauty and skincare. It is my hope that you will be renewed and refreshed daily with each use of this serum that has been carefully crafted for you. Suitable for every skin type.

Key Ingredients: Blue Tansy,Lavender,Rose,Grapeseed,Bergamot,Rosehip,Geranium

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