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Quench My Thirst Anti-Acne Serum - 1/2 Oz.

Quench My Thirst Anti-Acne Serum - 1/2 Oz.

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All natural, organic facial serum specifically formulated for acne prone skin. Non comedogenic, ph balancing, skin clearing. Penetrates deep into pores to clear and prevent breakouts, yet without stripping the natural oils in the skin. This specially formulated serum targets all forms of acne and can be used all over skin, or as a spot treatment. Unlike most acne treatments, Quench My Thirst also heals and protects skin while treating blemishes without harsh chemicals. This plant based serum also promotes healing and reversing scarring due to acne. 

Directions - Use morning and night, or as a spot treatment after cleansing with Quench My Thirst Micellar water to see optimal results. Works exceptionally well under makeup. 


Texture: lightweight, quickly absorbed, hydrating
Aroma: Clean/Fresh
Key Ingredients: Organic Tea Tree, Organic Rosemary, Organic Grapeseed, Organic Cedarwood
Non-comedogenic and Non-acnegenic

Quench My Thirst skincare is created in fresh, small batches and shipped out immediately upon ordering. Each ingredient has been carefully selected and precisely measured for maximum results. Thank you for choosing to be a part of this new venture in beauty and skincare. It is my hope that you will be renewed and refreshed daily with each use of this serum that has been carefully crafted for you. Suitable for every skin type.

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