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Quench My Thirst Skincare by Lanièr

Bath & Body Elixir

Bath & Body Elixir

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Bath and Body Elixir -  This luxurious bath and body oil leaves your skin feeling silky soft and so so hydrated! Can be added directly to your bath and/or applied literally head to toe right after bath or shower to damp skin. Silky smooth, fresh, light scent that will not interfere with any other perfume, colognes or body lotions.  Anti aging, ph balancing, skin clearing and toning, and diminishes lines and crepe skin texture.  

All plant based oils, anti aging properties, rich in vitamin E & A, with key ingredients such as Neroli, Sweet Orange Blossom, Blue Tansy, Rosehip Grapeseed, Jojoba, and natural plant esters to give the silky feel to your skin.
Quench My Thirst is committed to organic, plant based skincare.
✨cruelty free/eco friendly ✨

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